ENR 3.2  Gornje ATS rute
Upper ATS routes

Opšta primedba / General remark:

U pogledu obavezne RNAV opreme za sve vrste letova videti GEN 1.5.

In terms of mandatory RNAV equipment for all types of flights see GEN 1.5.

Route Designator[Route Usage Notes]
 Significant Point NameSignificant Point CoordinatesWay-point: IDENT of VOR/DME (ELEV of DME antenna), BRG & DISTRemarks
(RNP/RNAV Type)Track MAG
Upper limit
Lower limit
MNM flight ALTLateral limitsFL seriesControlling unit
{Airspace class}
Route Remarks:


Point/Segment Remarks:

(2) From FL 460 up to FL 660 SECSI FRA. Below FL 460 ATS provision temporarily delegated to Brindisi ACC/FIC. For all relevant information about Controlling Unit see AIP Italy.

(3) FIR BDRY, for continuation see AIP Italy.

(4) Transfer of control between Brindisi ACC and Beograd ATCC.


CRAYE 413010.0N 0180745.0E(3)

(RNAV 5)

30.0 NM
FL 305
FL 285
 10 NMOdd(1) Even(1)


(1) NONFUA H24

PINUK 415156.0N 0183524.0E(4)