Help on eAIP browsing

System Requirements


The content of this chapter is relevant to using a web browser in order to consult the content of an eAIP in HTML format.

An eAIP may be presented on two different media - on paper and on the screen. Presenting the information on a computer screen and presenting the same information on paper have different constraints. XML and HTML are Web technologies, developed specifically to display information on computer screens.


An eAIP consists of a set of eAIP/eSUP and eAIC files which are issued collectively on a common publication date.

eAIP layout

The left hand side of the browser window contains:

The right hand side of the browser window will display the eAIP content. The eAIP cover page is loaded by default.

Cover Page

The cover page is the default start page of a given eAIP. It displays the publication and effective dates, and content description provided by the publisher.

AIP tab

The AIP tab contains the table of contents of the full AIP published within the current eAIP.

Clicking on a or sign will show or hide a sub-level of section titles

Clicking on a subsection title will open the relevant subsection in the eAIP window.

The effective date of the full eAIP issue is shown at the top of the table of contents.

AMDT tab

In contrast to a paper AIP, the concept of page replacement is not applicable to the eAIP. Instead, the AMDT tab contains links to each AMDT change in the AIP. If there are no AMDTs in the eAIP, the list of changes is empty.

AMDTs may be shown in grouped sections, or may be shown in one large section of "Miscellaneous" changes

Navigating Amendments

Clicking a link will display the location in the AIP where the change has been made.

When selecting a particular amendment, the AIP subsection has a check box in the top right corner, which allows the user to select whether to display the changes in the AIP.

If the check box is ticked , the items marked as inserted and deleted are shown.

AIRAC Amendments
Non-AIRAC Amendments

The effective date of the list of amendment changes is visible at the top of the list, which is also the effective date of the eAIP.

NOTE: Some browsers - such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome - will additionally show the amendment location surrounded by a red border.

SUPs tab

The SUPs tab lists currently published AIP Supplements. Each Supplement is shown with:

The publication date of this list of Supplements is shown at the top of the list. This is also the publication date of the eAIP.

AICs tab

The AICs tab lists currently published Aeronautical Information Circulars. Each AIC is shown with:

The publication date of this list of AICs is shown at the top of the list. This is also be the publication date of the eAIP.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between HTML and PDF?

HTML is optimised to be viewed on screen. Printing the HTML version of the eAIP is not recommended.

PDF is specifically for printing and ensures that the printed pages correlate fully with the paper AIP. It is possible to indicate in the printing menu of Acrobat Reader which pages must be printed.

I see strange characters

Select the right encoding in the browser: