Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc is responsible for air navigation service provision within the airspace of 145,556 square kilometres, encompassing the airspace of the Republic of Serbia, the State of Montenegro, a part of the airspace above the Adriatic Sea, as well as 55% of the upper airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The primary and predominant business activity of SMATSA llc is Air Navigation Service Provision, with additional services including air traffic control officer training, flight training, flight calibration of ground based radio navigation aids, consultancy services and aircraft maintenance services.

Establishment of a single Air Traffic Control Center in 2011 enabled merging of approach and area control service, which has resulted in unified Airspace Management system, development of technology and work procedures, more efficient use of human resources and consequently in increased capacity of the airspace. The implementation of the improved air traffic management system has led to optimal route planning, better exploitation of the available airspace, efficiency improvement, and reduction of the rate of delays.



SMATSA llc devotes considerable attention to increasing safety, efficiency and economy, with constant monitoring and meeting the demands of its users. The increase in the air traffic volume, as well as the development of the equipment and technology have created the need for constant enhancement of the safety, in accordance with the highest standards and recommended practice. According to the assessment of the EUROCONTROL, the European Aviation Safety Organisation, when it comes to the safety level, SMATSA llc is ranked second among fifty similar centres in Europe.

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Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) Training

For 50 years now ATCO Training Center within SMATSA Aviation Academy (SAA) in Belgrade has been training air traffic control officers, now working for ATM providers throughout the world. The job of an air traffic control officer is very demanding, and requires considerable knowledge, and a high degree of resourcefulness and decisiveness. This is why SMATSA llc trains only candidates who perform successfully in the strict selection process. Our Training Center boasts experienced training personnel and modern equipment, which allows us to train and prepare our candidates for their future profession in the best possible manner.

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Flight Training

Flight Training Organization within SMATSA Aviation Academy (SAA) in Vršac is one of the biggest and most experienced flight training organizations in Europe. Over 2,000 pilots, who completed their training here in the previous 60 years, are now flying successfully for more than 30 airlines worldwide. The training conditions in Vršac are exceptional: the Academy has its own aerodrome with 1,700km2 of airspace dedicated for pilot training, a control tower, a modern flight training simulator and a renewed fleet composed of 20 aircraft, of Cessna 172S, Cessna 172N and Cessna 310 type.

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Flight Calibration Service

SMATSA llc provides services of flight calibration of ground based radio navigation aids from the air, and check of flight procedures, for its own needs as well as for the needs of external users. Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft equipped with a state-of-the-art flight calibration system (AD-AFIS-260) ensures a highly competitive position in the market. The check of flight procedures and the flight calibration of the equipment are performed in accordance with the requirements and recommendations defined in the ICAO documents Annex 10 and Annex 14 and Doc 8071.

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