AirportContent of METAR report
LYBEMETAR LYBE 261400Z 28008KT 230V320 CAVOK 20/08 Q0996 NOSIG=
LYBTMETAR LYBT 261400Z 23004KT 180V320 CAVOK 20/07 Q0996 NOSIG=
LYKVMETAR LYKV 261400Z 33008KT 290V360 9999 BKN040 20/09 Q0995 NOSIG=
LYNIMETAR LYNI 261400Z 23010KT 180V280 9999 FEW040 21/06 Q0995 NOSIG=
LYVRMETAR LYVR 261400Z 03007KT 350V060 9999 FEW040 16/12 Q0996=
LYUZMETAR LYUZ 261400Z 29004KT 240V340 9999 FEW015 BKN017 12/07 Q0998=
LYPGMETAR LYPG 261400Z 14014KT 110V180 3000 +TSRA SCT027CB SCT033 15/13 Q0999 TEMPO 1500 BKN027CB=
LYTVMETAR LYTV 261400Z 31008KT 270V340 9999 FEW043 SCT050 18/11 Q0998 NOSIG=

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