Implementation of the Determined Cost Methodology of route charges planning and billing has been presented


Today, EUROCONTROL-CRCO have conducted presentation of Determined Cost Methodology of route and terminal charges planning and billing, in the Air Traffic Control Centre Beograd.

The representatives of SMATSA LLC, Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia and Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro were present at the meeting since route charges planning and calculating domain is of mutual interest for providers of the services as well as for regulators.

Bearing in mind long lasting, successful cooperation of SMATSA LLC and EUROCONTROL-CRCO, as well as necessity that many employees become familiar with Determined Cost Methodology, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services asked EUROCONTROL-CRCO to conduct a workshop with this topic.

During the Workshop it was said that the task of EUROCONTROL-CRCO is to ensure respecting of the agreed principles, that is why it is important to understand invoicing method as well as collecting of route and terminal charges.  

EUROCONTROL-CRCO carry out Multilateral Agreement relating to route charges, preceded by technical integration of the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro into system in 2007. Now there are 40 states from European Union in the system and 4 outside of EU zone.

Success rate of CRCO charges collection is almost 100%.

The Workshop was assessed as very successful one and they mutually expressed the willingness to continue with this kind of cooperation.