Situational Crisis Communication

A workshop, organized by European Union and EUROCONTROL, was held in Podgorica


Situational Crisis Communication workshop was held in Podgorica on 18th and 19th April 2018, organized by .European Union and EUROCONTROL. More than 40 representatives of Air Traffic Control Providers, Aviation Authorities and Airlines had an opportunity to get an advice and guidelines how to deal with public, in the best possible way, in case of any situational crisis in aviation. Kyla Evans the EUROCONTROL Head of Corporate Communication welcomed the gathering suggesting greater engagement of the whole aviation world on the social media in order to inform the public in the best way.

The attendants had an opportunity to participate in unreal situational crisis group practice, made by Simon Cox, who is responsible for journalists′ training from Public Relations. He said that it is very important to establish СМТ (Crisis Management Team) who will communicate with public using social media in order to inform public effectively in the shortest time. “Crisis situations can be a source of various disinformation causing unnecessary panic in case that the public has not been informed in due time. The Public will blame any company for not reacting to the crisis but will not blame it because of the crisis itself“, said Cox.

The representatives of the European airports and Airlines Associations addressed the present participants as well, presenting their Situational Crisis news publishing models. The conclusion of the two day workshop on the topic Situational Crisis Communication, held in Podgorica, is as follows: “The objective is to prevent disinformation and speculations, you have to be open towards public in any situation and they will appreciate it“.