The Contract between SMATSA LLC and European Investment Bank was signed

Air Traffic Control Modernization


Today, in Serbian Presidency Building at Andrićev Venac, Mr. Predrag Jovanović, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC CEO signed the Contract with European Investment Bank referring the credit in the amount up to EUR 45 million, in the presence of Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, the Republic of Serbia President, Mr. Donald Tusk, European Council President as well as Mr. Werner Hoyer, the President of EIB.

The credit was granted under extremely favourable conditions owing to excellent rating of the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro.

In the following four years the funds from concluded contract shall be used for the Air Traffic Control modernisation in Serbia and Montenegro, comprising, among the other things, the following projects:

  • Procurement and Implementation of the radar systems at three new locations (At “Nikola Tesla” Airport complex, Belgrade, at Besna kobila and at Vrsuta in Montenegro),
  • Voice Communication Systems ground-air and ground-ground implementation using IP protocols,
  • Construction of the Belgrade ATCC Annex with Belgrade ATC tower,
  • Construction of the Belgrade C-ATCC with Nis ATC tower.

The requirements and the standards of the European regulations package, well known as “Single European Sky“, which have been implemented in Serbia and Montenegro, shall be fulfilled with this modernisation.

Thus modernised system shall improve safety, capacity, efficiency and cost efficiency of the Air Traffic Management System, shall improve traffic connections of the region and reduce gasses and noise emission.

Airlines, airports and passengers, as well as end users of this traffic means shall experience the benefits.

Planned projects implementation shall confirm Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC reputation, as one of the best services providers in this part of the Europe.