Mr Jovanović: "Modernization of Air Traffic Control system"

"Granted credit under extremely favourable conditions due to good rating"


The credit in the amount of EUR 45 million, which European Investment Bank granted to Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services, SMATSA LLC, shall be used for the modernization in order to fulfil European standards and establish Single European Sky, says Mr Predrag Jovanović, the CEO of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services.

Being the guest in the morning programme of TV Prva, Mr Jovanović emphasized that modernization should ensure unification of all air traffic control systems and equipment in Europe, should improve air traffic safety, increase capacity, efficiency and cost efficiency, upgrade traffic connections of the region and reduce air traffic negative effects on the environment.

"The credit was granted under extremely favourable conditions owing to good credit rating of Serbia and Montenegro. No state guarantee for the credit was required and there were no penalties for the funds which are not withdrawn. The money is withdrawn in the period of four years, after that we have four years of grace period and ten years for repayment", said Mr Jovanović.

Talking about technical failure of Eurocontrol Software system in Brussels, which took place at the beginning of April, he said that state of the art technology is used in the aviation but still these failures happen. "The central computer system in Brussels failed and thus data of several thousand scheduled flights for that day and following day was lost. The safety was not endangered even for the second since all flights that were in the air at that moment were on the line with air traffic controls." Mr Jovanović clarified.

Many flights in Europe were delayed but SMATSA LLC CEO reminded us that every flight must be in computer system in order that an aircraft can take off and be tracked. Because of that there were delays of about ten flights in Serbia and they lasted from 30 to 40 minutes.

It is expected that signing of "Nikola Tesla" Airport concession will increase the number of flights said Mr Jovanović. He also pointed out that we had 650,000 flights in the airspace of Serbia and Montenegro last year and the maximum of 3,000 flights per one day. "Rising trend at the rate of four to five percent is going on and we cannot tell it is small. We also expect the further increase because of the concessionaires presence at "Nikola Tesla" Airport Mr Jovanović said.

Mr Jovanović emphasized for TV Prva that there were 10,6 million flights in European airspace last year and the peak was on 30th  of June when 30,000 commercial flights were conducted.