Social responsibility


SMATSA llc is a modern organization, devoted to performing activities which ensure safe, sound and secure environment. Efficient procedures development and current standards application represent the core of sustainable development. Conducted activities ensure energy efficiency, abiding of law and human rights, employees, assets and environment protection and development, human and safe working environment, and all together they contribute to responsible operations.

SMATSA llc, being a socially responsible company, fully supports free partnerships and collective negotiations between employer and representing unions. There are two unions in SMATSA llc: Air Traffic Controllers Union and Independent Air Traffic Controllers Union.

SMATSA llc is an employer who gives same opportunities to all and tends to create the equal climate referring status, the method of employment but at the same time expects the highest standards of professional behaviour of its employees. A special attention is given to selecting young people with high qualities.

Apart from these, SMATSA llc is always willing to participate in humanitarian actions which aim is to improve the status of underprivileged social groups.

One of the priorities of SMATSA llc is to be responsible towards environment. Working on the routes’ network improvement and airspace organization, SMATSA llc continuously contributes to environment protection. Upgrading work technologies and by shortening routes in its jurisdiction, SMATSA contributes to users’ savings in the way that they have shorter time of flying, reduction of fuel consumption and at the same time significant reduction of CO2 emission. Constant routes’ network optimization made the length of the most frequent routes in SMATSA llc jurisdiction to be only 2% bigger of its length on great circle path.

SMATSA llc got and maintains ISO 14001:2015 certificate as a proof of its devotion and performance in the domain of environmental protection by having the control over the influence of its activities and services on environment.