Performance in line with SES


SMATSA llc has obtained the Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, confirming that the services are provided in accordance with the Single European Sky (SES) requirements. The Certificate approval refers to:

  • Air Traffic Service (Air Traffic Control service, Flight Information Service and Alerting Service);
  • Communication, Navigation and Surveillance;
  • Aeronautical Information Services and
  • Meteorological Service.

The Certificate serves as a proof that SMATSA llc has brought its operation into accordance with a set of requirements arising from the SES regulations, relating to working methods and operating procedures, cooperation agreements, Safety, Quality and Security Management Systems, as well as Human Resources Management.


FAMUS Project

The completion of the FAMUS Project ensured bringing the air traffic management system into full compliance with the requirements and standards established for the purpose of the implementation of the Single European Sky (SES) concept.

Air Traffic Management Modernization and Upgrade System Project (FAMUS) was launched in 2002, with the aim of increasing the air traffic control system capacity in accordance with the expected rise in the volume of air traffic. The project involved the renewal of infrastructure and implementation of new systems and equipment, as well as the construction of the new Beograd Air Traffic Control Center building, which was completed in 2010. The facility, representing the concept of energy-efficient building, due to its rather low energy consumption, integrated multi-level control and fully automated functions, belongs to the category of “smart buildings“, which are, at this level, quite rare in the region. Outfitting of the building with the most sophisticated equipment and its putting into operation was completed in 2011.

The Project also involved commissioning of the Instrument Landing System (ILS) in Podgorica, the ILS in Belgrade, Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) at eight locations, as well as Digital Voice Recording and Playback Systems (DVRPS) and Time Reference Systems (TRS), during 2011 and 2012.

The completion of the FAMUS Project enabled interoperability with other air navigation service providers` systems, and through its successful implementation SMATSA llc representatives have gained significant experience and have upgraded their knowledge, which they will be able to apply in their future professional engagement, but also in providing consultancy services to third parties.