General information


The term Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) refers to the provision of aeronautical information/data necessary for safe, orderly and expeditious air navigation.

The users of the AIS are:

  • Personnel participating in flight operations (flight crew and flight planners); and
  • Air navigation service providers responsible for in-flight information and pre-flight information.

SMATSA AIS is responsible for receiving and/or producing, collecting, processing, formatting, publishing/keeping and disseminating aeronautical information/data relating to the airspace under the jurisdiction of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc.

Aeronautical information provision procedures are compliant with the international standards and recommended practice contained in the ICAO Annexes 4 and 15, ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 international standards and joint requirements of the Single European Sky.

Aeronautical information are provided in the form of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package comprising the following elements:

Availability of AIS products/services in different phases of flight

Information is provided in separate packages for civil air traffic (IFR and VFR flying) and for military flying.

Information are available in text, table and aeronautical chart format, published in paper form or in electronic form (eAIP, html and pdf version on CD). Both forms can be ordered by filling out the subscription order form and current effective electronic versions of AIP/VFR AIP can be accessed through this website.

Aeronautical information system within SMATSA llc relies on the Еuropean AIS Database (EAD) – the most developed AIS system in the world, which is a joint project of the European air navigation service providers. The existence of this database enables the exchange of data in electronic form, better data quality as well as their availability in the real time throughout the world via the Internet.

Pre-flight information service provision by ATS Reporting Offices (ARO) at Beograd/Nikola Tesla Airport, Niš/Konstantin Veliki Airport, Podgorica Airport, Tivat Airport and Vršac Airport, includes making available, through EAD, to the users information contained in all European AIP and PIB with NOTAM from all over the world.

Through this website, it is possible to access the Daily lists of valid NOTAM Series A and Series C which are for informative and not for operational purposes. For more information about NOTAM, visit the NOTAM page.