Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)


Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) represents the basic aeronautical information document intended primarily to satisfy international requirements for the exchange of permanent aeronautical information and long duration temporary changes essential for the safe conduct of international and domestic air traffic.

The AIP consists of three parts:

  • General (GEN): national regulations and requirements, description of air navigation services (AIS, ATM, CNS, MET, SAR), charges for aerodromes/heliports and air navigation services;
  • En-route (ENR): general rules and procedures, Instrument/Visual Flight Rules (IFR/VFR), airspace classification and description, ATS airspace, ATS routes, radio navigation aids/systems, navigation warnings, en-route charts and index charts; and
  • Aerodromes (AD): general conditions for use of aerodromes, detailed information on aerodromes, including aerodrome charts.

SMATSA AIS publishes AIP Serbia/Montenegro, VFR AIP Serbia/Montenegro and MIL AIP Serbia.


AIP Amendments

AIP Amendments (AIP AMDT) in printed form consist of new pages which needs to be inserted and pages which serve as replacement pages. AIP Amendments which are in the electronic format (CD or Internet) are not distributed as separate packages, but their content is included in the AIP content.

There are two types of AIP Amendments:

  • regular AIP Amendment (AIP AMDT) – contains permanent changes to the AIP which shall become effective on the indicated publication date, and is issued at regular 4-week intervals, one day after an AIRAC effective date (the cover sheet is white);
  • AIRAC AIP Amendment (AIRAC AIP AMDT) – contains operationally significant permanent changes to the АIP which shall become effective on the indicated AIRAC effective date, and is issued in accordance with the AIRAC system (the cover sheet is pink).


AIP Supplements

Temporary changes of long duration (three months or longer) and information of short duration which contains extensive text and/or graphics, supplementing information of permanent nature contained in the AIP, are published as AIP Supplements (AIP SUP). Operationally significant temporary changes to the AIP are published in accordance with the AIRAC system and the determined effective dates, and are identified clearly by the acronym AIRAC AIP SUP.

AIP Supplements in printed form are inserted at the beginning of the AIP and form the first section in the AIP binder. AIP SUP pages are yellow so as to be conspicuous and easily distinguished from the rest of the AIP.

The checklist of valid AIP SUP is issued through the Monthly list of valid NOTAM Series A and C.