NOTAM and Pre-Flight Information Bulletins (PIB)


NOTAM is a telecommunication distributed message which contains information concerning the establishment, condition or change of aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard, the timely knowledge of which is essential for personnel involved in flight planning and realization.

The text of each NOTAM contains information provided in the order shown in the ICAO NOTAM Format, and is composed of the signification i.e. uniform abbreviated phraseology assigned to the ICAO NOTAM Code complemented by ICAO abbreviation, indicators, identifiers, designators, call signs, frequencies, figures and plain language.

NOTAM are distributed in four series, indicated by the letters А, C, М and S.

Series А – contains information of concern to international civil air traffic, and is internationally distributed.

Series C – contains information of concern to national civil aviation in the Republic of Serbia and in Montenegro, and is distributed only in Republic of Serbia and in Montenegro.

Series М – contains information of concern to military flying in the Republic of Serbia and is distributed only to the personnel involved in the military flight operations.

Series S – SNOWTAM is a special series of NOTAM which notify the presence or removal of hazardous conditions due to snow, ice, slush or standing water associated with snow, slush and ice on the movement areas, by means of a specific format. At the beginning of every winter period Series S NOTAM for each aerodrome which prepare SNOWTAMs, are assigned a serial number starting with 0001. Details are given in the snow removal plan in the Aerodromes (AD) section within the AIP.

Pre-Flight Information Bulletin (PIB) is a presentation of operationally significant valid NOTAM, prepared directly prior to the flight. The following types of PIB can be obtained in the ATS Reporting Office (ARO):

  • Aerodrome PIB;
  • Area PIB;
  • Route PIB; and
  • Narrow route PIB.

PIB with NOTAM from all over the world can be obtained through European AIS Database (EAD) in the ATS Reporting Offices (AROs) at Beograd/Nikola Tesla Airport, Niš/Konstantin Veliki Airport, Podgorica Airport, Tivat Airport and Vršac Airport. PIB, prepared in accordance with the information contained in the filed flight plan, are made available to the users through EAD application.

Through this website, it is possible to access the Daily Lists of valid NOTAM Series A and Series C which are for informative and not for operational purposes. For more information about NOTAM, visit the NOTAM page.